Halfway between Haseluenne and Meppen lies the village of Lehrte in a place covered with the alluvial sands of the Hase river. The river has always shaped the history of the village.

Its unpredictable floodwaters, leading to fertile mud and full bow nets, attracted farmers, but it remained a constant threat for houses and harvests and interfered with traffic and development until adjustments were made in the middle of our century..

St. Laurenzius Church in Lehrte

Lehrte was first mentioned under the name "helerithi" in the tenth century as one of the counties belonging to the Bokeloh parish. The reason for this documentation is the inauguration of a church in Bokeloh through bishop Dodo of Osnabrueck (as the year of the inauguration is not mentioned and it is not clear if Dodo I. 919-936 or Dodo II. 978-996 performed it, an exact date cannot be determined).  According to Hermann Abels "helerithi" can be translated as "slope with elders" or "hill with meadows". A cave, located north of the Doergener Moor, where reindeer hunters used to live around 10,000 BC, is proven to be the oldest human settlement. Further prehistoric findings, now in the museum of local history in Haseluenne, support the evidence of settlers from the Stone Age in the area of Lehrte. Excavations at the "Hexenberg" hill, north of the village centre, suggest (according to Dr. E. Schlicht) that a fisherman and his family lived there in the second and third century after Christ. Initially only small settlements developed due to the lack of areas that were not affected by floodwaters. Ernst Giese describes communities consisting of a very small number of farms as typical. For centuries the farmers lived on produce from their pastures. According to Stephan von Duethe, 92 cows and 140 sheep were stolen in Lehrte during the Tecklenburger Feud in 1365.






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