The village Lage was first mentioned in the ninth century. In 823 emperor Ludwig the Pious documented all donations which religious Saxons handed over to the Benedictine Convent Corvey. Due to donations from the emperor, Convent Corvey became one of the largest landowners in the Saxon north.

cated in Lage. However, the owner's name is unknown. The estate had a size of 30 Hufen (1 Hufe = 30 acres) and had to tribute 7.5 buckets of honey per year. This leads to the assumption that Lage was surrounded by extensive heathland. Lage's farms were under the control of the estate "Meierhof" in Andrup to which they had to deliver their contributions. Abels deduces the village's name from "Lagi" meaning a treeless plain area.
In the twelfth century overseers who were appointed by Convent Corvey frequently took possession of mayor estates. During a quarrel between the bishop of Osnabrueck and Corvey over the right to receive the farmers' contributions, the bishop became the new owner of estate Lage. He allocated the property as a feud. In 1360 Johann von Beele received the feud of estate Hermanns and Reiner von Beele got estate Eylardes in Lage.
There exists no written documentation for the time that followed. Presumably, the history of Lage was more or less the same as the past of the other villages in the region. A register of the parish Haseluenne stemming from the time after the Thirty Years' War documents Lage's population figures. According to this register Lage had 53 inhabitants whereof 5 were younger than 14 years of age. A document called "Status Animarum" gives an insight into Lage's social structure around 100 years later. In 1749 the village had 75 inhabitants, of whom 25 were under 14 years of age. There were 11 families, of which 4 were farm labourers. The register contains names like Purck, Timmer, Honigfort, Grawe, Buiter and Ferholt, which still exist in the area today. In 1807 Lage counted 70 residents; in 1858 and 1861 there were 113 and 97 inhabitants respectively. It is not proven why population figures declined. However, it is important to mention that 23 persons emigrated to the United States between 1838 and 1866. In 1900 Lage had 134 inhabitants and 180 in 1939. Ten years after the end of the Second World War Lage had 168 inhabitants and today there are 183 persons in the village.






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