"Once upon a time there was a small village that had neither streets nor pubs, it only had an ancient chapel without a priest, a small school with 20 children and a grey-bearded schoolmaster. When a foreigner wanted to visit the village he had to shout at the shore of the river Hase: "Haol ower!". If he was lucky the inhabitants of a close farmhouse heard him and brought him by boat to the other shore."

This fairy tale-like description stems from the teacher Joseph Hugenberg and gives an impression of the farming community Bueckelte at the turn to the twentieth century. In these days Bueckelte was a sleepy remote village with a dozen of thatched half-timbered houses, located 5 km in the southwest of Haseluenne where the Haverbecker brook meets the river Hase. The connection to the city and the parish church in Bokeloh was always held up through fords and ferries. In this way people could avoid long, burdensome detours through the Hase valley. The first timber bridges were constructed close to the "Hudener Faehr" in 1756 and in front of Bokeloh in 1907. The centre of the Hudener Bridge could be raised in order to let pass boats called "Hasepuenten". At this place a trans-shipment centre for the traffic on the Hase developed. Also farmers from Oldenburg and Lengerich used to load on board grain here. However, the Meppen-Haseluenner railway which was constructed in 1894, disrupted the shipping traffic on the Hase. In 1937 the ruinous Hudener bridge was replaced with a concrete bridge 2km upstream. For this reason also the Bueckelter ferry at the estate Backsmann stopped its service.
Bueckelte was first mentioned in 850 under the name "boclithi". The same name was used in the tenth century for the villages belonging to Bokeloh. "Boclithi" means according to Hermann Abels "slope covered with beech-trees".
Due to the 7 km journey to church through the impassable Hase valley an own chapel was built in Bueckelte in 5. According to a legend the debris of a destroyed Johanniter base in Klosterholte were used as building materials. The chapel in Bueckelte is an almost 500 years old late Gothic construction. Its 1963 uncovered frescos at the chorus stem from its date of origin and make the church a famous architectural monument visited by many tourists. Not only the interior but also the environment of this antique building represents a long time grown unity of churchly and mundane life.






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