Historical documents prove that the village Andrup has already existed for a very long time. In 947 it belonged to the county "del Sigibert" and even before, in 822, the estate "ton keseforden" (kese = cheese, forden = fort) was mentioned.

Haseluenne's history was strongly shaped by the convent Corvey and the "Burgmaenner" von Schatte and Monnich. Close to the entrance of the village, Mr von Schatte built the castel Schwakenburg which was already mentioned in 1336.
Later, the gentlemen von Monnich constructed the estate "Eickhoff" at the back of the village.
It seems, however, that the "Burgmaenner" von Langhals founded the Schwakenburg. On December 4, 1439, Claus von Langhals sold the estate to Engelbert von Langen. Later the Burgmann Rolf von Schatte took possession of the estate. After he died without leaving behind children, ownership changed to the gentlemen von Langen. Rolf von Schatte's sister Gertrud was the wife of Engelbert von Langen of Meppen and Kreyenborg (near Lehrte). Their oldest son, Rolf von Langen, became the owner of the Schwakenburg in 1458.
In the warlike times that followed the Schwakenburg was burnt down during an invasion of Oldenburg's earls in 1538. Then-owner Andreas von Langen did not receive any loss compensation. On February 14,1631 the estate was handed over to Michael Kobolt von Tambach by the bishop Franz Wilhelm von Wartenberg from Osnabueck.
As a result of probate disputes the whole estate was sold in a compulsory auction 100 years later. One of Haseluenne's businessmen, Heinrich Russell, acquired the castle on July 14, 1796 for 13,600 Dutch Guilders. After his death the property stayed in the possession of his wife for a while. She died in 1839 and handed the Schwakenburg down to her sons and sons-in-law. Finally, Anton Heyl from Meppen, one of the sons-in-law, became sole proprietor of the estate. His son Karl offered the castle to the ducal court in Meppen who, however, did not want to buy it. The estate became derelict and was bought by the farmer Wilhelm Stolte from Andrup in 1870.






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