schoenertagWe will welcome you with a sample of "water of Haseluenne". After that a tour guide will show you our beautiful city. You will visit, according to your personal preferences, either the Museum of Local History or the Distillery Museum.



kanu_bikeA bus will bring you to the boat landing place in Herzlake. There you will enter your kayak and paddle on the river "Hase" through a fascinating landscape. Having arrived in Haseluenne you will enjoy a rich lunch. After that you will discover the varied and beautiful landscape surrounding Haseluenne by bike.



VolldampfBefore starting a comfortable journey into the good old times we invite you to a warm welcome in the town hall. During a train ride in the beautifully designed restaurant wagon of our ancient steam powered railway you will enjoy sampling a variety of the famous "waters of Haseluenne".







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