Amtsgericht CloppenburgThe historic village Cloppenburg is an open-air museum exhibiting 50 buildings that have been reconstructed in the style of the sixteenth to nineteenth century. For more than 40 years visitors have enjoyed walking through the village and viewing ancient farmhouses, craftsmen houses, the church, the school and the public bar.



In order to reach the county Elburg you cross the border in Schoeninghsdorf and take the N 37 (direction Zwolle). Elburg is located in the centre of the Netherlands between the "Veluwe" (biggest nature reserve in the Netherlands) and several lakes that offer excellent possibilities for water sports. In the fourteenth century Elburg was one of the first members of the Hanseatic League. Several buildings and relicts of the former city wall with original casemates still give an impression of these old times.


rathaus lingen

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Idyllische Naturräume, eine facettenreiche Kulturszene, dazu Freizeitmöglichkeiten zu Land, zu Wasser und in der Luft. Seinen Gästen bietet Lingen eine breite Palette an Möglichkeiten, Stadt, Land und Leute kennen und lieben zu lernen.
Im Laufe der Zeit hat sich Lingen, die größte Stadt des Emslandes, zu einem bedeutenden kulturellen Zentrum entwickelt.


meppen rathaus

Meppen is the district town of the administrative district "Emsland". The foundation walls of the town hall in the historical centre originate from the year 1408. The building had been enlarged and changed into the renaissance-style between 1601 and 1605.



In Soegel you will find the former hunting lodge of Cologne's elector and archbishop Clemens August von Wittelsbach. Experts name the estate from the late baroque era the best constructional, harmonic and most beautiful one in North Germany. The estate consists of nine buildings in the typical Gothic style. The elector's residence is located in the centre surrounded by eight pavilions formed like a star. The castle also houses the central museum of Emsland's local history.

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Die Meyer Werft ist mit ihren riesigen Kreuzfahrtschiffen der Luxusklasse und deren komplexer Fertigung der Anziehungspunkt Papenburgs. Knapp 300.000 Menschen besuchen jährlich die Meyer Werft: Hier kann hautnah erlebt werden, wie moderner Schiffbau funktioniert.

moormuseum1The Moor Museum exhibits tools and machines that were used to extract and process peat. Also the long way from a joint use of the moors in former times to today's way of industrial peat cutting is documented.




What about a day trip to one of the North Sea Islands?

Clean beaches invite you for a refreshing bathe or a walk along the sea-coast.



amisiaWould you like to spend a few jolly hours with the AMISIA on the river Ems?
In the summer the AMISIA passenger shipping line regularly offers the following cruises:








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