Four inhabitants of Westerloh/Westerlohmuehlen became victims of the First World War and 25 died in the Second World War. People say and the school chronicle states that the village was not directly affected by the Second World War. However, there were incidents of looting and murder. An incident took place on September 21, 1945 when four criminals entered a house, killed six persons and stole numerous garments. The offenders were not caught.
Cultural activities have always played an important role in Westerloh. Inhabitants love amateur plays and have rehearsed in hallways and from 1957 in the newly constructed youth centre. Furthermore, group meetings in the evenings have taken place and Harvest Feasts have been celebrated. A shooting club with numerous members has contributed to the social life in Westerloh and Westerlohmuehlen. The shooting club was already founded in1904 and has been famous in the whole region.
Westerloh has always belonged to the parish Haseluenne. People were baptized and married in the huge parish church and were buried on the church's cemetery. Bad road conditions made the way to church on Sundays difficult or even impossible. Therefore, the wish for an appropriate church grew.
After the Second World War, Westerloh had the possibility to acquire a former labour camp. After long negotiations with British military authorities, the barracks were refurbished. On June 13, 1948, Fr. Schepers from Haseluenne inaugurated the chapel dedicated to St. Antonius. The former labour camp barracks served as chapel until the end of the Eighties. After a long planning phase, the foundation stone for a new church was laid nearby the old chapel on June 13, 1988. On April 24, 1988 the bell was added and on May 4, 1989, the congregation could finally celebrate the first mass in their new church. The sacred building was constructed by architect Hubert Radke from Haseluenne. It forms an octagon with a path for processions leading around the building and presenting "Mary's walk of faith" by means of seven stations made of sandstone. These works of art were created by sculptor Joseph Krautwald from Rheine. This procession attracts numerous believers from the region and from far away.






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