Old School in Lotten

School education started in Lotten probably in the eighteenth century. However, an exact date cannot be specified. The school chronicle mentions that teacher Bernhard Harren from Lotten was employed on April 29, 1831, and stayed until October 1840. Then he was posted to Quakenbrueck. In 1862, a new schoolhouse was built at the same place where the reconstructed building is found today. It is located on a hill and has a bell tower. According to the school chronicle, the old schoolhouse was located closer to the path. Construction costs of the new schoolhouse added up to 788 German Thalers, 1 penny and 6 pence. Due to a shortage of money, accommodation for the teacher did not exist yet. In 1934 the building was renovated and finally, in 1949, an official residence for the teacher was built. Politics in the Sixties led to an extinction of small schools. First, older students were taught in bigger schools, and on August 1, 1971, the local school was closed. After the building had stood empty for some time, it was decided to refurbish the building and use it as a neat parish hall which is still used today.
Lotten remained politically independent until June 30, 1964, when it became a member of the parish of Haseluenne. Since 1974 Lotten is a district of the city of Haseluenne. Current mayor is Hubert Deters.

Today, Lotten is a beautiful small village which is very attractive even though it is located aside of main roads.







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