Close to House Lotten, several farms were located. Like the manor itself, these farms (estates Honigfort, Beelmann, Hoormann, Harren and Bauer) also have a long history.
Historic events in the region have influenced village history. Although no profound evidence exists, it is assumed, that the Thirty Years' War brought devastation, hardship and suffering.
Important events happened in the seventeenth century. During the Oranien Wars, county Lingen was occupied several times. Equal suffering resulted from the introduction of the Reformed Church. Catholic services were prohibited and priests were banished. In order to avoid these regulations, believers assembled in the Catholic Monastery Muenster. In this way, pastor von Lengerich and his chaplain found accommodation at the place of Mr Bauer in Lotten. Services for persecuted Catholics from the county Lingen were hold there. Shortly afterwards, the priest moved to the estate of Jans Harren. First, the hall was used for assembly; later farmer Harren even constructed a new building with a flat for the priest. Lotten's population structure had not changed for many centuries and the number of inhabitants grew slowly. A register from 1652 indicates 92 inhabitants, whereof 27 were under 14 years of age. In 1749 the register "Status Animarum" lists 151 inhabitants including 46 younger than 14 years. These people lived in 22 families, whereof 11 were Heuerleute (contractors/landless cottagers). Population figures for the years that followed were as follows:

1807:  160 inhabitants    1858: 231 inhabitants    1861: 221 inhabitants    1933: 268 inhabitants (41 households)    

Regarding the property situation, there were 8 estate-owners, 9 tenants, 13 contractors (landless cottagers), 5 owners, 5 settlers and 1 farm labourer. These numbers decreased when the districts Honigfort, Wester and Schwindeler were separated from Lotten on April 1, 1935. Today, Lotten has 146 inhabitants.






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