There is little information about the village history; the same is true for the past of the school. It was common practice that parents taught their children. Bigger cities and villages like Haseluenne, Meppen and Bokeloh founded appropriate schools quite early on. Compulsory school attendance did not exist. It was only introduced in Prussia in 1717. Some of the older students probably attended the school in Bokeloh. The school chronicle reports that the first summer school took place in the bakery of Mr Schulte from Lohe. The village school became independent in the 17th C. The county built the first schoolhouse in the village centre surrounded by oak trees in 1793. It was a small rectangular building with window frames made of lead. Inside were four benches, one table with two benches and an oven in the centre. Classes were given only in wintertime. During summer children had to help on their parents' farms. Only from 1839 did children go to school also during summer. When the small and simple school house had become derelict a new solid building was constructed in exactly the same place in 1856. This building was used as a school until February 1, 1971. It was and still is the village centre.
The old school has recently been renovated. Being a building that is connected to the history of Lohe it is to remain a public institution also for the future.
Today, Lohe has a population of 272. Benno Hesemann was mayor of Lohe for many years and currently Klara Ewert occupies this position.

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