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After the Second World War the farming community in Lehrte experienced major structural changes. Regulations, land consolidation, cultivation and resettlement allowed a mechanization of farming and many people became unemployed. Industrialisation in the region led to a significant change in the village. While almost all employees worked in the agricultural sector before the Second World War, the number of farmers declined afterwards. After the war the fields were cultivated by only 13 full-time farmers and 9 part-time assistants. More than 100 commuters earn their living outside the village. Since then 1 electrician, 1 carpenter, 1 clockmaker, 1 butcher, 1 provider of agricultural machines and 2 plumbers have settled down in Lehrte in addition to long existing traditional restaurants.

Population figures increased almost continuously:

67 inhabitants
148 inhabitants

232 inhabitants

254 inhabitants

237 inhabitants

253 inhabitants

317 inhabitants

370 inhabitants

460 inhabitants

573 inhabitants


Due to this population development the building site "Am Hasenoever" was founded in 1959 and grew in 1973 and 1982. In addition, the holiday resort "Bummert" developed in beautiful surroundings. Both residential areas consist of pretty houses with neat front gardens. The integration of the former farming community into the city of Haseluenne in 1974 was an important event; since then, Lehrte has a mayor. Currently Berthold Bange holds this position. More and more visitors are attracted by the good connection with the city and the numerous leisure facilities Lehrte offers. Two lovely guesthouses with restaurants, modern bowling alleys and numerous guestrooms offer accommodation and recreation. Nature lovers and anglers enjoy romantic places on the river Hase. Boats can be rented to discover the idyllic Hase valley on the water. Visitors can also benefit from bicycle lanes and hiking trails close to the river.
Traditional customs and village life are also worth seeing. Festivals like shooting matches, Harvest Festival and sport competitions reflect the traditions of the village community.






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