Early historical documents on Lehrte suggest a medieval feud and interest system. Ancient descriptions like "Taei" (a country where farmers had to contribute 10% of their harvest), "Taeischuere" (a barn where these contributions were stored) and "Taeigerts" (person collecting the contributions) provide evidence for the system of contributions in Lehrte. The local feud registers reveal that the bishop of Osnabrueck and the knights Swartewold (Haseluenne) and von dem Bele (near Herzlake) received these contributions in the fourteenth century. Their successor in 1403 was Johann von Langen, also known as "Kreyenribbe", who was the owner of the castle of Kreyenborg. At the turn of the fifteenth century, castle Kreyenborg was built two kilometres northwest of the village centre where the river Hase makes a bend. It became important for the entire region. The lords of the castle von Langen, whose coat of arms contained scissors for sheep, belonged to the wealthiest, most influential and feared noblemen in the Hase- and Ems-area as early as the fifteenth century. Up to 50 peasants and tithing 20 farmers had to render duties and services to the lords of Kreyenborg. Two bishops from Osnabrueck had to promise during their election campaign, to protect citizens from these quarrelsome noblemen. There were also legal fights with the city of Meppen about the estate of Corvey, which von Langens acquired in 1392. Rolf von Langen supposedly lived on the estate "Westerholtsche Burgmannshof" in Haseluenne as early as in the fifteenth century. In 1816 and 1836 the estates were auctioned to 12 farm labourers in equal shares. Nowadays some local names still reflect their former dependency on Kreyenborg. "Schreiner", "Schomaker", "Backsen", "Schuetten" and "Holtgers" were once carpenters, shoemakers, coachmen, bakers, shooters and woodworkers in their service. Names for meadows like "Langen Esk" and "Scheffers Esk" still remind us of the lords of the castle. There is only one relic left from the moat that once surrounded the largest castle in the Ems-area (according to Geppert). It formed a rectangle of 180 metres by 200 metres and was rounded off on the west side.






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