lahre1Kindergarten in Lahre, former school

School education commenced in Lahre around 1750. Sons of farmers who knew how to read and write acted as teachers. The first "teacher" mentioned was called Juergen Bruemmer. He was compensated with 9 German Talers and parents of students cooked his meals in turn. According to custom he taught only during wintertime. His successor was Gerhard Hormann. During his presence the first school house was built. It had two windows with lead frames on both sides. Heating came from an open fire in the heath. Presumably, students brought along the materials for heating. Interior decoration consisted of an adobe floor and chairs without tables. The successor of Gerhard Hormann was his son Gerhard who taught until 1839. In 1838 an educational institution was founded in Osnabrueck that prepared future teachers for their job. Lahre's first teacher who had studied at this institution was called Woehrmeier. In 1844, 10 boys and 13 girls studied in Lahre. Teacher Woehrmeier also introduced summer school starting on Ascension Day and ending on the Feast of Mary's Birth (September 8). However, classes were hold between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. Shortly afterwards a new school house was constructed that had a steel oven and tables. Bernhard Viktor Albers continued to work as a teacher in Woehrmeier till 1862. Albers stayed only until 1867. His successor was Theodor Bueter from Herssum who taught for 40 years in Lahre. The same is true for Friedrich Freckmann who also taught in Lahre for such a long time, however, he had to quit for some years to fight in the war. After the Second World War Karl Effmert taught in Lahre, followed by Otto Warias whose successor was Johannes Domine in 1953. Further teachers were Mr. Frost and Ms Schricke. In 1956 a new school was built at the border between Lahre and Huden. Classes continued here until the school's closedown in 1971. One room was used by the school "Paulusschule" for a few more years. In 1972 a kindergarten moved into the building. In 1992/93 the house was rebuilt and the attic was enlarged.

The current mayor is Frau Iris Schulte.






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