After the end of the Thirty Years War Lahre enjoyed some peaceful years.  A document from 1739 mentions that Lahre's farmers had to make contributions of 10% of their harvest (rye, oat, buckwheat, barley and flax) of which one third was forwarded to the church of Haseluenne. Furthermore, farmers had to deliver lambs and a chicken for the Jacobi festival.
The rule of Napoleon led to the liberalization of peasants and the abolition of contributions, however, it took many decades until these reforms were completely implemented. Only on July 23, 1833 was a law passed that liberalized farmers from their dependency and gave them the opportunity to receive possession of their farms by making a one-time payment of 25 times the value of their yearly tributes. The total payment Lahre's farmer made was 8,222 German Talers and 8 Cents, of which the church in Haseluenne received one third.
At the same time the land surrounding the village was distributed among the farmers. It is assumed that Lahre developed in the same way as the other villages in this area. Nevertheless, it is interesting to mention that 18 people emigrated to the United States between 1840 and 1883. However, scarce information exists about the reasons for leaving. The inauguration of the railway Meppen-Haseluenne in 1894 was presumably an important event in Lahre's history as the nearby train station of Schlepers offered improved transportation. In the beginning, the station only consisted of a simple waiting hall and an additional track with a ramp for animals. In 1898 a building was constructed and in 1926 housing for the station's employee and a goods shed were added. The track system and the goods shed were augmented in 1936. In 1976, however, these buildings were knocked down in the course of changing developments in traffic. In 1989 the county road was straightened and only one track for loading, which is often used for parking tank wagons, remained at the Schleper train station.






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