Old half-timbered house

According to a report of the supervisory school authority, an auxiliary school existed in Lage in 1792. At these schools children were educated by sons of farmers rather than by professional teachers. Normally, students only went to school during wintertime, as they had to help on their parents' farms in the summer. There is no indication found about the location of the school. In the middle of the nineteenth century a new school was built. In 1959/60 a schoolhouse was built on the border of Andrup and Lage, which is still used as a primary school. At the same time a new joint residential area was constructed close to the school.

The abolition of the farmers' duty to pay contributions and the land consolidation in the nineteenth century led to a resettlement of agricultural estates. Between 1928 and 1934 20 new farms were set up in Lagerfeld. After the end of the Second World War several new farms were added.
Similar to Lotten, Lage has a special characteristic, namely, the stone cross in Lage. This cross reminds of the persecution of Catholics in the county Lingen. Between 1597 and 1702 the Oranier from the Netherlands forcibly tried to convert people to the Reformed Church. Catholic priests and teachers were banished and replaced with persons from the Reformed Church. Several priests settled down at the county's borders in the area of Meppen and celebrated mass in residential buildings, barns, sheep pens or outdoors. Many Catholics attended these services despite of the feared harsh punishment. Catholics from Lengerich first went to church in Haseluenne and then to Harren-Jans in Lotten. Finally they constructed an auxiliary church at the place where the stone cross is located today and assembled there from 1715 to 1718. Religious freedom was introduced in the county only in 1822 when Lingen became a part of the Kingdom Hanover. The stone cross was built in 1862 in remembrance of this period of persecution.






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