We do not know much about the history of Hamm's school. It is assumed that children have been educated during winter like in other villages in the Ems-area. Probably, a school with an appropriate teacher was introduced in the middle of the nineteenth century. Due to the good relationship and the nearness to Haseluenne children visited schools in Haseluenne very early. The association "Gesamtschulverband Haseluenne - Hamm" was founded and existed until 1953. Since then children are enrolled in Haseluenne's schools. The association was cancelled on February 27, 1956.
In former times infrastructure in the Ems-area was very bad. A road led from Haseluenne via Huden over a bridge to Bueckelte and Lehrte. Only in 1937 the first bridge was opened in Hamm with strong sympathy from the population. While the street between Hamm and Haseluenne was non-relevant in the past, today's county road has recently gained more and more importance. It has been enlarged and a new broad bridge over the river Hase was constructed. However, not all inhabitants did appreciate this.
In 1997 Hamm celebrated the 100-years anniversary of its traditional ceremony against hail. Hamm's bell could not herald this event because it is located in the convent Handrup to assemble believers for praying.
Today Hamm counts 80 inhabitants. Its current mayor is called Bernhard Stagge. He took over the position from Josef Schroeder in 1982 who had been Hamm's mayor from 1938.







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