River Hase near Hamm: pier at the campsite

In 1858 Decken sold estate Hamm to the former coachman of the estate Lethe (near Vechta) called Friedrich Wilke. Wilke committed himself to lifelong accommodation and care of Wilhelm Otto's son Philipp von der Decken. Therefore, he paid 4000 German Talers less than the total purchase price. Wilke financed the purchase price partially through the sale of the estate's wood. When Philipp von der Decken died in 1880 the unpaid balance became due. As a result of money shortness he sold the estate in 1882 to the farmer Josef Voss; he had already sold parts of the estate earlier. After that he emigrated to the United States.

Rudolf von Bruch reports that Hamm held rights to participate in the parliament, shooting rights and fishing rights for the river Hase. He further mentions that four Hammer heirs, namely Nippermann, Bruemmer, Blanken and Cordes bought the right to receive the farmers' grain and meat tributes. This happened in 1611 and in 1621 respectively.
The Earl of Arensberg obtained the village Vest Recklinghausen and the Episcopal city of Meppen on December 1, 1802. This was a compensation for his lost properties on the left side of the river Rhine which Napoleon captured. In 1803 Meppen consisted of six courts, 19 parishes, two cities and one large village. The city Haseluenne and the parishes Haseluenne, Berssen, Bokeloh, Herzlake and Holte belonged to the court Haseluenne.
According to a population register from 1807, Hamm had 55 inhabitants.






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