On May 3, 1950 a restored house of the estate "Wulf" became a holiday resort for the police of Osnabrueck. Later it became a youth hostel called "Dachsbau".
At Easter 1961 the schools in Doergen and Lohe were united and a new schoolhouse was planned between the two villages. However, it was rebuilt and due to decreasing numbers of students the school was closed on April 23, 1966. Students in their second, fifth and sixth year continued their education in Lohe and students in their seventh and eighth year went to Bokeloh.

Today Doergen has 139 inhabitants. The mayor is called Hienz Gels. The active shooting club Schleper includes Doergen, Huden, Lahre and Lohe. Shooting matches take place in the youth centre in Schleper. Doergen belongs to the sports club Concordia Schleper whose sports fields are located in Lahre.






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