Memorial of the liberty wars 1813/15

Doergen belongs to the catholic congregation in Bokeloh and is strongly connected to its history. Children living in Great Doergen went to school in Bokeloh while children from Little Doergen were taught in Lohe. Already in 1909 the two places thought about creating a joint schoolhouse. After the population figure had increased due to the development of the residential area Doergener Field, Doergen built a catholic school with just one class in 1932 (begin of construction: 1931, inauguration on June 9, 1932, name: "Heideschulde St. Wendelin").
The "Doergener Field" was settled in the 1920th. In line with the development of the Emsland many new settlements were founded. The chronicle of the school in Lohe documents the following: "on May 16, 1922 the Doergener Field located in the north of the street Haseluenne/Meppen was expropriated. It covers an area of 175 hectares. Complaints against this compulsory purchase were rejected." The area belonged to heirs from Lohe. Like in other cases the State bought heathland in order to create settlements. The population did not always appreciate these purchases.
The Doergener Moor is since 1937 one of the oldest nature reserves in the Ems-area. Even in prehistoric times people lived in this place which is proven by prehistoric findings.
During the wars it was extremely difficult to maintain school education. In 1942/43 a teacher taught Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Doergen and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in Lohe.






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