The chapel of Bueckelte

In order to assure regular church services Bueckelte's farmers set up an endowment in 1564. This endowment was connected with a piece of land located south of the chapel; the then-tenant was called Johann Pels. According to the endowment treaty the tenant had to deliver 18 bushels of rye and one "Hornschen" guilder to the priest in Bokeloh every year. In exchange, the priest committed himself to celebrate mass or hold a sermon every month, and especially on saints' and inauguration days. The endowment was repaid by the tenant Joseph Tensing in 1918 through a donation worth 25 times the yearly tribute (1237.30 M). The Marist fathers from Meppen took over the church services in the chapel from the priest of Bokeloh. From 1924 on a priest from Lehrte took care of them because Bokeloh and Lehrte formed one counselling district within the parish Bokeloh. In 1969 both congregations were united to one independent congregation with its own priest. Due to a lack of priests, today, the priest of Haseluenne's Vincentius' church is now responsible for them.

200 years long the school, which was the village's cultural centre was located next to the chapel. The first schoolhouse was connected to the north wall of the chapel's tower. In the second half of the eighteenth century, local schoolmasters who were educated by church began teaching. In 1864 the school moved to another building at the foot of the Chapel Hill. A third school was built in 1930, but was closed and sold in 1971 during the school reform. Since then Bueckelter children visit kindergarten and primary school in Lehrte and then attend school in Haseluenne.






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