Andrup was independent until July 1, 1964. On July 1, 1964 Andrup became a member of the county Kirchspiel Haseluenne. According to law the independent county was integrated into the city of Haseluenne with effect from March 1, 1974. Thus, Andrup became a district of Haseluenne. Though it has close relationships with the neighbouring villages Lage and Lotten, Andrup has a life of its own. There is the joint shooting club Andrup-Lage and the sports club SV Polle. Results of the community work are the clubhouse Andrup-Lage-Lotten, the 1979/80 built bell tower and the foundation of the sports club SV Polle in 1990. Current mayor is Bernadette Wachelau.

Over the centuries Andrup's population increased continually. In 1652, shortly after the end of the Thirty Years' War, Andrup had 175 inhabitants. Population figures for later years were the following:
1749: 191, 1807: 178, 1861: 252, 1900: 253, 1939: 371, 1955: 431. Today Andrup has 397 inhabitants. Regarding this positive population development it is important to mention that many inhabitants emigrated to the United States and Hungary in the middle of the nineteenth century. An emigration register documents that 45 persons from Andrup emigrated to the United States between 1831 and 1882. This register also states that 12 inhabitants of Andrup emigrated to Hungary and settled down in the Theiss-area close to the town Toeroek Szent Miklos in 1858. However, due to financial troubles, all of them returned to Germany before 1870.






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